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An easy-to use and functional live chat
for your website

Communicate with customers, solve their problems
and increase sales.

  • Start a chat
  •  Сommunication with customer
  • Sending GIFs
  • Automated Invitations
  • Phone Сhat
Start a conversation, answer the questions,
help your customers.
Communicate with your customers easily like you do
with your friends.
Send a funny GIF to your customer
after solving their problem.
Customize automated chat invitations to guide customers
through your website pages.
Chat is fully adapted to mobile devices.
Everything works fine. Without bugs.

Continue communication with your customer via their
preferred digital channel

You don't keep your customer waiting for a solution to the problem on chat. They are able to continue communication via their preferred messenger. The support agent views the request history. It circumvents the necessity of clarifying customer’s request from the ground up.

Provide the answer, at a time when they formulate their question

You see the message
it will be sent. You have time to require information, solve customer's problem and provide the answer, at a time when they formulate their question. The visitor will be surprised by your speedy response.


Change the looks of your chat
and the place where it should be placed

Customize the chat in your company's brand style. Choose the colors of the chat itself and the chat window background, set agent profile picture,
create your welcome messages. Change the size of the chat button widget
and fix it in any desired location.

Share your files fast

You don't need to download your files via menu. Problem solving becomes faster when both parties drag and drop their files in chat to exchange them.

Help your customer to complete the purchase

Three quarters of consumers abandon their carts
because they don't want to address
to an agent. Help them to start a conversation and occasional visitors will become your repeat customers.

Use everything
you know about
your customers

Customers value when you are mindful of them.
Chat gathers all public information about your visitors. Combine your customer's chats on one place and you will always
know their name, contacts and
their previous questions. In this way you are able to solve customer's problems quickly and they will appreciate it.

Set working hours and response time

When your support agents take rest breaks, bots will replace them. Bots answer common questions and inform when live agents will be available. Use flexible settings to set working hours, off days, and public holidays.

Use your favorite emojis
and GIFs

Be on the same page
with your customer, send them a funny GIF or emoji,
while they wait for an answer. Problem solving process becomes easier
when your customer trusts you.

for fast work
photos quickly
and analytics

Communicate via live chat and
your sales

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