Free setup and 3 days of full access. Free setup and 3 days of full access.

The most effective messenger app for your business

Teletype App brings together all your customer messages in one place
  •  Сommunication with customers
  • Add Agent
  • Live chat settings
  • Analytics and statistics
Teletype App has much in common with modern messenger app.
You will achieve
an easy and timely communication with you customers
like it is a chat with friends.
All you have to do is send an email invitation to new agent.
They click on the link in an email and start working immediately.
Create a welcome message, set working hours
customize the live chat's appearance.
Check customer service statistics in your personal account.
Determine the most popular customer service channels, adjust your business strategy
and reward the best employers.

all messengers
in one place

Every customer communicates
via their favorite messenger apps.
On top of that, it's rather difficult to provide speedy customer service
by toggling between multiple apps. Use Teletype App to get all customer's messages into
one place. Let them choose any convenient way to contact you: Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, VK, Telegram, live chat or email.
You won't miss
a single message
and respond quickly. Instagram Direct will be added soon.

Start preparing your answer before the customer sends their initial message

Your agents have a chance to see what message the customer is typing. If you react immediately you can reduce customer service response time to one second. Surprise your customers by providing prompt customer service.


and tags
for organizing messages

Distribute incomming chats by groups:
sales department, technical support
and marketing department. Add tags to chat sessions to find them promptly. Tags are private
and visible internally to support agents.


Add notes
about your customers

Each person has their own characteristics. Your agents work more efficiently since they don't need to identify these features all the time. Teletype App allows agents to add internal notes
about customers in order to all team members can
take them into account.

Double sales
via live chat

We created our own live chat
from scratch to make your website visitors communication easier.
It's less expensive and better than others, and besides,
it is loaded fast.
We offer our live chat
and chat dashboard for free.

Add as many agents as you need

You don't need to create an account and a phone number
for every single employee. In case of a large workload, you can add in Teletype App as many agents as you need.
Without any restrictions. Every agent is able to see all messages from different digital channels in one place.

Recognize your customers

Teletype App automatically
adds such customer's details as
their name, city, channels or sources that brought them to your website and the visited pages. If a customer uses different messenger apps you can bring their chats together in one CIF.
Thus, every chat agent will always recognize this customer. This makes customers feel valued and appreciated. Then, you will get detailed information about
your target audience.

Be aware of all chats

Telegram notifications let you get all customer messages and answers provided by your agents.
In the case of any conflict, you will get the full view of this situation. You won't miss a message even if it was deleted.

Telegram bot for your smartphone
Integration with amoCRM and Bitrix24
Callback (soon)
Open and easy-to-use API for integrations
Customer service analytics
Internal chat (soon)

Convert your website visitors
into customers

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