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How does it work?

How does it work?
How does it work?
  • 1. You sign up in Teletype
  • 2. A customer contacts you on VK
  • 3. Live agents respond to the customer

Add VK channel in settings, after signing up for Teletype. Since then, all messages your get on VK-community will be showed on Teletype panel and your agents will be able to respond to them

Your customer clicks on VK button placed on your website
or types a message for you in VK-community.

Agents communicate with customers via their preferred messenger app: reply customer's questions, solve their problems, discuss order details, send pictures and boost your sales

  • Emoji

    Add several communities VK and communicate in one window

    Connect several VK communities and your operators will be able to work with them simultaneously

  • VK

    Quickly navigate in dialogs

    Check dialogs by status, find the desired dialogs by customer name, email, phone, request text.

  • Add VK support button to your website

    Don't keep your customers writing an email or calling you, it's out of date. Instead, let them contact you on their favorite messenger app promptly.

  • Phone

    Use notes about clients

    Each client has its own characteristics. Operators work more efficiently when they don't have to learn these features every time. In the Teletype, operators can leave internal notes about customers so that all team members can take them into account.

  • Message

    Get customer cards

    Teletype pulls the necessary information from the VK profiles of customers into the card, add it with a phone number, mail.

Reasons why should you integrate VK-community with Teletype

Teletype provides many features

VK-community without Teletype integration :(

0 ₽ per month

There is no integration with CRM systems There is no possibility to integrate with CRM.

Quality control and statistics aren't available You can't measure the quality of support and your agent response time.

Response templates are not available Agents deal with the same questions over and over or copy-paste answers from the previous tickets.

Client Notes are not available Agents can't add and share detailed information on each client with each other.

Uneven loadIt is impossible to set up a uniform distribution of messages for all agents.

Navigation and dialog statusThere are no flexible search filters, there is no sorting of dialogs by status.

Other communication channelsOther communication channels work separately, there is no common history of the client base.

Teletype integration with VK

From 480 ₽ every month

Message History The message history is stored on Teletype panel and furthermore, the agent access to this data can be limited at any time.

Integration with CRM systemsThe ability to connect several community Vkontakte accounts, as well as integration with Bitrix 24 and amoCRM CRM systems.

Detailed statisticsIt is used to monitor agent's performance and the response rate.

Response templates Use response templates to let your agents work more effectively.

Client Notes Agents can add detailed information on each client's spending habit for seamless client interactions across your team.

APIA simple and intuitive API for integrating any of your systems.

Automatic distribution of requestsTeletype will automatically evenly distribute all customer requests between operators.

Navigation and dialog statusUse flexible filters to search for the necessary dialogs, sort the dialogs by status: unanswered, answered, open, closed. Teletype is similar to a mini CRM.

Other channelsConnect other communication channels: Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, VK community and work with them in a single window.

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The best app for those who work in an office or on the go The best app for those who work in an office or on the go

Respond to your customers from your PC or via mobile app. Never miss a customer's order even if you get stuck in traffic jam

  • API

Choose an integration
with our API

We offer an easy-to-use API for integrations with your systems. API allows to receive and send messages via all channels, find customer by their phone number and even integrate their avatars from the messenger profile.

Have not found required features? Contact our support team and we will do our best to help you.

API documentation
Экран статистики

Connect VK-Direct!

• 3 days for free!

• We will connect and customize our service for free

• We will transfer your balance from another service


Ready integrations

Connect messengers directly to your CRM system

  • amocrm
  • bitrix24
  • moysklad
  • paraplan
  • sbercrm
  • Roistat

Corporate edition

Corporate edition for large organizations with lots of agents

  • Personal installation on customer's server
  • Advanced support and system update 
  • Unlimited access to all features
  • Unlimited amount of channels and agents
  • Personal branding is possible


A personal VK channel costs 480₽ per month.

Our the tariff configurator allows you to independently choose only those services that you need, without overpaying for everything else.

You can connect any number of community-VK accounts and operators.
The cost of 1 operator is 570 ₽/month.

Any number of operators can work on one community VK account.

After registering in Teletype, you add a VK channel in the settings.
From now on, all messages sent to your VK community will be sent to the Teletype panel, and your operators can immediately respond to them.

The client clicks on the VK button on your website or writes a message in VK-community.

Operators communicate with customers in a messenger convenient for them, answer questions, solve problems, clarify order details, send product photos and increase your sales.


Yes, it is possible.

Price (₽/m)

Agent 570 ₽
Live-chat 540 ₽
Viber 480₽
WhatsApp 2 550 ₽
Telegram 2 550 ₽
VK (personal) 2 550 ₽
VK (community) 480 ₽
Avito 990 ₽
amoCRM free
Bitrix24 free
API 360 ₽
Facebook 480 ₽

VK integration takes only 5 minutes!

• 3 days for free!

• We will connect and customize our service for free

• We will transfer your balance from another service

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